How to rebrand when your company changes direction

Client: Trek Global
Initiative: Brand Alignment and Development
Sector: Technology
Focus: Mid-market distribution enterprises
Market: Cloud-based ERP software


Through its expertise in ERP implementation and its deep knowledge of the needs of mid-market distribution companies, Trek Global found itself keenly aware of the lack of ERP options that truly fit the needs of this sector. This awareness shined a light on a new opportunity that Trek Global was uniquely positioned to fill: develop a cloud-based ERP system that provided the right level of functionality for mid-market distribution companies, in addition to extending a first-of-its-kind use-based pricing plan and scalability.

However, this new opportunity also created a new challenge. What does transitioning from a company well-known for service to one that now included a product offering mean to the established Trek Global brand? Trek Global considered a number of options, including marketing its new product and existing services under different brands, but ultimately recognized they needed to bring in outside expertise.

“We searched for a branding professional that could meet the challenge of a 180° repositioning, as well as deliver a comprehensive message stack, to support the launch of a new product offering. Donatelli’s portfolio made them the obvious choice, and our excitement grew as the Donatelli team presented their work at each check point. Through a process that ensured internal buy-in at every level, they delivered a strong brand and clear message that distilled everything we wanted to convey.”

— Dave Anolik, VP Marketing and Design, Trek Global

Donatelli produced a comprehensive branding and messaging system, which enabled Trek Global to develop a range of executions that would embody its new brand. Everything from a new logo to a new color palette, imagery and typeface evolved from the direction Donatelli provided.


Trek Global engaged Steve Donatelli to lead their branding efforts. In addition to meeting with and interviewing Trek Global’s executives, Donatelli combed through their documents and presentations as well as analyst reports and other industry information to search for what truly sets Trek Global apart from its competition. This exploration led to a brand archetype and persona that is organic to the values of the leadership at Trek Global. With the Trek Global brand archetype and persona established, Donatelli set to writing a branding and messaging system. This included new vision, mission and values statements, as well as a brand promise, brand platform and messaging hierarchy. Donatelli also advised Trek Global on how to visually communicate these concepts so that the company would stay on brand through its launch and beyond. In addition, Donatelli counseled Trek Global on its demand generation program and other marketing activities.

“Donatelli’s explorations led to a brand archetype and persona that is organic to the values of the leadership at Trek Global.”


Trek Global employed the brand direction created by Donatelli, resulting in a smooth rollout of messages that distinguished itself from other ERP companies to prospects and current customers. Trek Global also applied the new brand direction in a number of applications, as demonstrated by its new logo created by Trek’s design lead, Renee Ferron.

With a strategic underpinning to its new brand firmly in place, Trek Global is confidently planning its short- and long-term marketing and sales initiatives as well as preparing its calendar of branded content, including a series of videos featuring Trek Global CEO, Joel Stangeland.

According to Trek Global COO, Joel Hoffman, “Getting our brand right has enabled us to properly redefine our business and direction. Donatelli and Associates helped us achieve a smooth transition that will enable us to take advantage of this new opportunity.”

Trek Global continued to utilize the branding and messaging system created by Donatelli as the foundation for the design of all of its new assets, including a new video series and website.

About Trek Global

Trek Global is based in Vancouver, Washington. In addition to regional offices across the United States, Trek Global maintains offices in Columbia, India and Malaysia.

With Trek Cloud ERP—the first transaction-based, fully-inclusive enterprise resource planning solution for mid-market distributors— Trek Global enables companies to achieve operational excellence through unprecedented gains in scalability, affordability and accessibility. Trek Global also offers ERP customization, planning and implementation.

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