How a brand refresh clarifies a shift in strategy

Client: Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
Initiative: Brand Identity Refresh
Sector: Audio Technology
Focus: Classroom Audio
Market: Education


Lightspeed sought to change from a conventional product-centered position to a one that empowers educators with a fresh and informative solution. This change would address the shifts occurring in education, where students must enter a world in which colleges and businesses demand more than ever before. That is why states and school districts require students to meet higher standards in both math and English, from kindergarten through 12th grade. While more classrooms are set up for collaboration and interactivity, teachers must move around to work with small groups and to facilitate discussions.


Teachers may have upwards of 25-40 students of all different levels working in small groups on separate tasks. To succeed, these teachers need to know what really is going on in each group. And they need to know it in real time.

“Teachers need tools to effectively differentiate instruction. It is critical for them to be able to monitor and assess these small group activities,” says Shaun Fagan, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Lighspeed Technologies. “As a teacher, how do I know who is participating and who is not? Who is getting it and who is not? Teachers want to understand how students solve problems, but management of small groups can be a challenge.” Lightspeed is listening and creating in-class answers to communication issues that focus on solving the needs of educators.

“Donatelli understands how to collaborate with a team and elevates the quality of everyone’s work.”

— David Solomon, EVP, Sales and Marketing, Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.
Donatelli modified the Lightspeed word mark to improve legibility.
Donatelli brand design and direction informed the visual language at all Lightspeed touch points, including trade show environments, responsive website, information graphics, sales collateral, product branding, video pre-roll and post-roll branding, identity style guide, and more.


Lightspeed challenged Donatelli—in collaboration with strategic partners, Alexander Design and Switchboard Interactive—to help them better resonate with current trends in education.

The Lightspeed brand story evolved from ongoing research on real world classroom challenges in audio processing. Lightspeed’s narrative informed how Donatelli approached the brand refresh.

Donatelli’s vision for Lighspeed’s design language resulted in an inspired communication system that is as smart as it is engaging. His solution enabled Lightspeed’s brand to evolve. It also reflects the company’s values, leverages its existing brand equity and provides an informative yet distinctive expression of the company, its values and its products.

To convey Lightspeed’s flexible auditory learning-based nature, Donatelli introduced a dynamic system of brand elements, a modular translucent background motif and a spirited secondary color palette. The Lightspeed wordmark was modified to increase legibility and functionality across different media applications. And every communication touch point, from product branding to the responsive website and purchase experience, was crafted to align with Lightspeed’s brand strategy.

The new brand system repositions Lightspeed as a leader and manufacturer of classroom audio technology, enhancing small group instruction for every student and at all levels of learning.

Donatelli redesigned Lightspeed’s website user experience.


According to Lightspeed, EVP, Sales and Marketing, David Solomon, “Updating our branding and rethinking our website brings renewed interest by our prospects, customers and competitors alike. We’ve seen customer engagement double and we’re extremely pleased with the results of Donatelli’s brand design efforts.” With a strategic foundation to its refreshed brand in place, Lightspeed is confidently planning its short- and long-term marketing and sales initiatives as well as branded content.

The Lightspeed brand identity guidelines include specifications on how to achieve consistency across different media.
About Lightspeed Technologies, Inc.

Established in 1990, Lightspeed Technologies is the trusted provider in classroom audio solutions. Their passion is to improve the listening and learning environment for every child. The company believes strengthening the connection between teachers and students improves learning. Lightspeed’s classroom audio systems enable teachers to speak in normal conversational tones while assuring every child receives an equal opportunity to hear all of the instruction.

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