Donatelli Delivers on Rebranding; Helps Trek Global Change Direction

Donatelli Helps Trek Global Rebrand

Trek Global | Brand Alignment | Messaging Platform

Portland, OR — Trek Global engaged Donatelli to lead their rebranding efforts. In addition to meeting with and interviewing Trek Global’s executives, Donatelli combed through their documents and presentations as well as analyst reports and other industry information to search for what truly sets Trek Global apart from its competition. This exploration led to a brand archetype and persona that is organic to the values of the leadership at Trek Global. With the Trek Global brand archetype and persona established, Donatelli set to writing a branding and messaging system. This included new vision, mission and values statements, as well as a brand promise, brand platform and messaging hierarchy. Donatelli also advised Trek Global on how to visually communicate these concepts so that the company would stay on brand through its launch and beyond. In addition, Donatelli counseled Trek Global on its demand generation program and other marketing activities.

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About Trek Global

Trek Global is based in Vancouver, Washington. In addition to regional offices across the United States, Trek Global maintains offices in Columbia, India and Malaysia. With Trek Cloud ERP—the first transaction-based, fully-inclusive enterprise resource planning solution for mid-market distributors— Trek Global enables companies to achieve operational excellence through unprecedented gains in scalability, affordability and accessibility. Trek Global also offers ERP customization, planning and implementation.

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Steve inspires, builds and strengthens brand loyalty for organizations who seek to advance corporate value and improve human experience.